Last Friday night I was lucky enough to be at the Largs Has Got Talent show and maybe because the winners were from Largs (Rhona, Louise & Cameron) made it extra special. Certainly as the door man at the back stage (I get all the best jobs) it was interesting to see how the various performers young and old, or should I say very young and older, dealt with their nerves. Some paced up on down, others needed fresh air and others sang to their hearts content. It was good to see all the performers getting on with each other behind the scenes- as it should be. Can you imagine professional footballers doing that?

Of the judges I will say very little ( the editor was one so his secrets are safe with me), other than to say the shortbread provided with their refreshments was very nice.

As for the other refreshments e.g orange juice, I never got a sniff off. Not that I am bitter of course. Oh to be a celebrity! Thankfully, I brought my own water.

One thing is certain the show has become more popular as the years go by with a good number of performers from outwith the town as it should be.

Well done to Largs Youth Theatre for staging the event and Brisbane House as the main sponsors.

Let's hope in the next few years an upgraded Barrfields will continue to provide a great resource to the town as it is beginning to look a little tired. All that is needed is money, hard work, good will and public support.

The Viking Festival by all accounts did well this year from the parade ( I was driving "Betty's bus") to the final event but watching the WW2 planes fly overhead was great. You cannot mistake the sound of a Merlin engine.

Now the next debate is where shall Magnus go?

Suggestions to the Editor L&M news. I am sure Drew won't mind!

On a personal note thanks to some good Samaritans. I left my wallet in the Gypsy Cream and by good detective work the owners manage to track me down. Thanks to them. Also in Morrisons car park a less than Good Samaritan bumped the family car on Monday who then left the car park without a word. Thankfully the person was followed and the offending car registration taken by "Andy" who returned to Morrisons and tracked me down. Police are investigating. Thanks to Andy and his photograph. To the other local driver ?!?!