So the big decision of the week should Magnus the Viking stay where he is or be moved to another location?

I cannot say that I am that enamoured with Magnus but having said that my youngest girl loves him and it is obvious that the younger visitors to the town love getting their picture taken in front of him.

Maybe there is an age difference here but I cannot help thinking if this was in my neighbour's garden I would not like it.I find it hard to understand that it did not need planning permission but then what do planners know!?

It is a bit disconcerting to hear that the Viking longship sitting in front of Vikingar! is to be removed due to the lack of maintenance overs the years.

If true, it is an absolute disgrace!

For the want of a bit of tender love and maintenance the longship strikes the right balance in front of Barrfields. Surely some repairs or replacement is in order?

There is a moral to the story here - in 10 years time will Magnus be uplifted by the scrap merchant due to lack of preventative maintenance?

If such items are to be commissioned, have the good folk involved put monies aside to keep everything ship shape or will there be an expectation for "the cooncil taxpayer" to pick up the tab.

So what other type of public "art" should we have? King Alexander and his troops defeating the Vikings? ( I believe we did win), a seaplane from WW2?, laser shows at Hogmanay next to the Clock tower? a statue of Sam Torrance?

Come on suggestions are welcomed. At least your opinion is being sought.

Either way I better go -- I've to go and get my photo taken with my daughter with some big bloke on the promenade. "Smile please"