The Police have indicated that they wish to consult on the future of their police Stations. I tend to say "our" since I believe we pay for them.

There is the intention to reduce staff to be based at the front desk but some of you may think this is just the beginning of the further changes.

Things move on it is said and the need to man such desks is uneconomic and unnecessary. We still have 999 , 101, emails - that should suffice.

Right or wrong most people prefer that there is a station in the town which is manned even to hand in the odd purse or wallet found . It turns out as reported in the paper last week that the information on which a decision was based did not exist!

Same campus In the USA, fire and rescue, ambulance etc. share the same campus in many small towns. Could that not be an option in Largs and throughout Scotland?

When working in the NHS we had in some of our hospitals a room ( near A&E) made available for the police.

Many police dropped in on a regular basis although a free kettle and tea bags did the trick and was the deciding factor.

In Largs we have the retained fire station, ambulance depot, NAC Cleansing Depot, Health Centre. Surely a base could be made available so that a desk is manned for all services?

Just an idea.

Dementia The plans to build the new dementia centre is to be welcomed for the town.

As we all get older and less active we should consider our future, so considering folk now, who need support and help is good insurance for us all.

My dad who is 88 has vascular dementia. At his age it may be expected and I know there are many far younger persons who are inflicted with this condition and are far more serious than my "old man". The effects on the wife, husband, partner, family and friends can be just as debilitating so any assistance is welcomed. Getting a phone call at 3 in the morning asking if I know an Eddie Blair from the police is soul destroying but for the sufferer who becomes frightened and disorientated even more so.

So for the folk who think there should not be a centre but the car park at Stevenson Centre should remain you will not be surprised for me to say I disagree. "There but by the grace of God Go I" seems appropriate.