So that's it ; Christmas and New Year is over and we have started breaking our New Year resolutions (well to be honest I don't make any so I am not disappointed and feel bad about it!) But reading a paper regarding the high speed rail link to the North ....... of Watford -- well at least to Leeds I just wish we could have a rail service that gets past Kilwinning.

The other evening my older daughter phoned in a state to say the trains are off and she was stuck in Paisley " so come and get me". In fairness when she phones me there has to be something wrong because I never hear from her otherwise!

Back to the high speed train to Leeds ..if it ever gets past Birmingham I always wonder as to how this will benefit me or my family. Another example is the Edinburgh tram, sorry trams . It was promised to head out to Leith then it wouldn't etc etc. Of all places Edinburgh has a good bus service but our betters in Edinburgh Council decided a tram was the way forward and we all should pay for it.

Now the East coast will have the new Firth of Forth road bridge crossing. This will benefit the country and me. Not sure about the former but certainly not the latter! The good people of the Kingdom of Fife will be able to commute to our capital by train, choice of road bridges and the ferry at Queensferry.

What do we have in Largs? A train service that needs improved. The A78 that needs improved and let's not forget our good friends in Cumbrae with a ferry service that could be improved or even made cheaper.

The lack of infrastructure and investment post war is now beginning to show.

Now where's my car keys?

Rant over.