It is good to see that we have all had our own solar energy boost over the weekend thanks to the golden globe in the sky.

The increase in cycling boosts health, and clean living, and seems to be on the rise throughout the area. Having just pedalled my way around Cumbrae for Largs Thistle on Sunday, it was great to see the crowds on tandems, conference bikes, and cycle buggies, making their way round.

The joy on peoples’ faces, as one pictured the group with a ‘selfie stick’, gave me a chuckle. Scotland’s cycle island image is now getting shared about social media - the legend lives on!

And now Largs is waking up to the phenomenon, with new places popping up offering bikes for hire in Largs.

And in the coming weeks, we are looking forward to a new consulation for a Fairlie coastal path, following the successful launch of a multi-users path at the Pencil two years ago. It has attracted cyclists, wheelchair users, and prams, and I personally hope that Fairlie can follow in its footsteps, and move pedestrians and cyclists off the busy A78.

The new solar powered lights between the Peel Ports roundabout and Hunterston estate is another welcome initiative.

However, one thing that still bothers me is people who don’t wear cycle helmets.

There is no reason for not being prepared for a crash - even on a cycle path - yet with the amount of cyclists that seem to blissfully ride on by without the appropriate safety gear in place is bewildering.

It seems to me that they are more interested in getting a sun tan ... Leave that for Largs esplanade, with an ice cream in hand, rather than the busy A78.

It was interesting to note that I have heard of one person on holiday who fell and suffered a bad leg injury while riding abroad on their bike.

The travel insurance company refused to pay out - because the rider wasn’t wearing a helmet! That might seem double dutch, but it just goes to show, that it pays to wear a cycle helmet!