I am writing to you concerning the Fairlie Coastal Path proposal. I am aware that in recent weeks there has been significant developments in the number of people showing their objection to this proposal. This saddens me as a resident who has lived here almost thirty years. During this time I have never been able to fully access the length of the village either on the pavement walking through the village or via the current coastal path. Attached is a photograph of the extent of my journey along the coastal path with my assistance dog. I cannot get any further than this point due to the uneven surface and hazardous conditions along the rest of the path. It is for this reason that I wholeheartedly welcome the proposal to develop a new more accessible alternative. I speak on behalf of not just myself, but other potential users such as mothers with prams and young children, the elderly and infirm and other users such as cyclists and people with a variety of mobility impairments. At present, none of these groups can easily access the path and so I feel would welcome the proposed improvements. I would like to invite anyone who has any objection to the new path to borrow my wheelchair and make their way along the village either on the pavements or via the current shore path. I wander having done this if they would have a change of heart? I ask anyone who objects to the proposal to also consider the views of other potential users. Given the opportunity of a new shore path the beautiful scenery and beach that the protestors are trying to protect would be opened up to a whole section of the community who have never before had the opportunity to enjoy it.

Zoe Maclean