The capital is the place to be!

I often visit London. It is a place full of culture and things to do at all hours of the day. It is nice to be able to get public transport whenever needed as opposed to rushing back to central station to catch the very early last train to Largs on a Saturday! 
Growing up I always wanted to move to London. Mainly because I thought that it was the place where everything happened. There is an impression that if you want to go anywhere, especially in the media or theatre, then you have to go to London. 
I am lucky to have friends that I can stay with when I am down. They are mainly people that I met whilst working in America or at university. After graduating I immediately started to look into applying for jobs in the big city. Most of which I never even got a response from let alone an interview. My friend works for Hearst magazines right in the heart of London. The company produces magazines such as Red and Cosmopolitan. She told me there was a vacancy and I immediately pulled together an application and sent it off. It seemed like the dream job.
I then had a realisation. What if I actually got it? The job seemed like it was well paid, but that was because I’d never been on a salary before and anything looks amazing. When I looked into the accommodation and the living costs of living in London, the salary that job would have given me was not enough. I would be in the place that I loved, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything and would be struggling to pay rent and other bills. 
This may be an extreme example, but to give you an idea of the London costs, someone was caught renting out a bed in a cupboard for £500 pcm. Although living like Harry Potter seemed like a good idea, in practise, I am not so sure. 
It turned out I did not get the job and it was the best thing that could have happened. It made me look for opportunities that were a bit closer to home. I realised that I’d be going to be a small fish in a huge pond. Considering I had just left university I needed to get some experience and work rather than packing up my bags and taking the first job that came up in London. 
There are certain things that people say they want to do when they are growing up. Then, you are thrown out into the real world and you realise that some of these things just don’t work at that moment. But always remember that things take time to happen and don’t give up if there is something that you really want to do. However, sometimes, patience can mean that everything works out better than you could have imagined. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!