The first thing which hits you when you step outside to the midwinter in Oslo is the bitter cold!
I couldn't resist venturing out of the airport, on my way to Tromso, to experience -16C temperatures, and intriguingly, there was an army of snow gritters, to make up for that minus counter, heading round the runway! See video clip below


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Even talking to my friends, the condensation from your breath could be seen all around. This was a completely new kind of cold to me!
All around, it was a spectacular whiteout, with exquisite trees all beautifully covered in snowflakes, making for a wonderful sight.
It is a fascinating airport - passengers embark and disembark along a series of galleries made completely out of glass. The airport's large transparent surfaces provide the opportunity for people in the building to be aware of their position with respect to the outside. Although this is an Out of Doors column, it was nice to be indoors, looking out!
And as your typical airport grub, forget a standard burger and chips like in the UK, it was glorious seafood with monster crab's legs.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
It was onwards on a two hour flight to Tromso, and it was interesting to note a dramatic rise in temperatures, as it was a balmy three degrees on the Saturday we were there.
Sunkissed by the gulf stream, the rise in temperatures in the Norwegian coast, despite being in the Arctic Circle, was a relief, although it was extremely icy.
Tromso town centre is the the oldest part of the city, and has plenty of original shops, selling all range of oddities from aurora style cushions to reindeer hide.
A glance at my BBC weather app had told me that earlier in the week it had been minus 18C temperature, with some Norwegians heading round the town in skis.
We visited a magnificent polar exhibition, which told stories of great Norwegian legends such as Amundsen, who broke boundaries to visit new ice frontiers.
During our visit, we also ventured on board the Hurti-Gruten passenger ship at the harbour.
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation transmitted non-stop the 134-hour voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes, sailing on June 16, 2011 on MS Nordnorge. On board the ship was pretty spectacular. A visitor pass gives you around four hours on board, and many Norwegians take up the opportunity to taste some delicacies from further afield, with beautiful paintings of Viking ships, and elegant nautical decorations. Even the upstairs deck was covered in ice - with tables and chairs frozen over if you were brave enough to tackle the fresh air!

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

There was also an international film festival in Tromso during our weekend visit, complete with outdoor cinema. There is no doubt about it that the people of Norway embrace the great outdoors. To them, temperature is only a number!