I ventured out on my bike on Thursday afternoon in bright sunshine although there was still a chill in the air.

Heading from my home in Fairlie, I headed towards the Hunterston cycle path which is much wider and illuminated at night, and is now far more accessible for everyone.

It is a vast improvement, and it was interesting to see that a new clearing has been made between the Hunterston roundabout area, where there is a construction traffic road for the wind turbine.

In the past, you had to cycle part of the road to get to the next stage of the cycle path area beside Hunterston Estate.

However, now you just cross the road, and there is a new extended cycle path which leads to Hunterston Estate, after you turn off the A78.

I headed onwards to West Kilbride, and there was a true sign that spring has sprung with all the lambs dotted all over the fields. A very pleasant sight in the sunshine.

I made it along to The Waterside Inn, and headed down the beach next to the Seamill Hydro as a sunshine haze disappointingly blocked Arran out of view.

I cycled back to a West Kilbride viewpoint and managed to capture the sun going down on my camera, with the haze just lifting in time.

I managed to get home just before darkness truly set in as the chill returned with a vengeance, satisfied with a good exercise.