Various comments have been made to the Largs and Millport News about pedestrian access in Largs Town Centre in this week's paper...

In relation to the decision not to go ahead with a 20mph limit in Largs town centre, speed not the problem. It's the pedestrians routinely stepping out on the main road and some road users ignoring priorities.
There are three pedestrian crossings between Nardinis and Morrisons supermarket. But even so it's not the case that they are stepping out for a better look. It's that they step into traffic or cross roads without looking.
Not trying to have a bash at them, but when you drive there daily it's nerve-wracking. Last thing I wanna do is injure or kill someone.
David Brennan

There's a lack of pedestrian crossings meaning pedestrians have no option but to 'step out on the main road'. Aitken Street doesn't have one pedestrian crossing. The nearest one is up by the garage and Aitken Street is a busy road. Don't blame pedestrians when there aren't the facilities to have them cross safely. Too many parked cars and drivers not paying attention.
Jacklyn Sinclair

When we were there even though people did try to cross the streets, it looked like the pedestrians were putting their lives at risk. The cars seemed to have the right of way at all times and drove too fast, which is how it is here in the USA. 
Vicky Wier
Austin, Texas