30mph balls on prom

Dog owners with a ratchet thing are throwing balls when people are on the prom. The balls are doing over 30 miles per hour. Someone could get injured. Maybe your paper could do something about this to get this stopped.


A78 Water problem

Maybe the Largs and Millport could highlight the fact that the water still runs out from the drain beside the golf club and nothing has been done to fix it. A car ended up on its roof last year at this same bit, the water that constantly runs down the hill freezes over and it is extremely dangerous.
Andrea Lamont Robinson

This is not the first time this hill has been a sheet of ice. Just negligence of maintaining the drains allowing water to cascade down the hill for about 60ft.
Henry Jagielko

I have got emails and tweets to Transerv Scotland dating back to 2013 in relation to this - and still nothing done about it!
Scott Penny

Farewell to IBAC

I made a few visits over the final weeks to the IBAC shop in Largs and made some lovely purchases as I have done over the past years Very sad to see it close , But at the same time Best Wishes to the owners and I wish them a well deserved long and healthy retirement, Thank you for your outstanding service to the community of Largs and further afield.
William Alexander Montgomerie