How about 'Adopt a Pothole'? I'm sure people would jump at the chance to have their own Pothole on Cumbrae they could name it or come and visit. For just £5 a week you would get regular photos and updates watch it grow. Remember a Pothole is not just for Christmas it's for all year.
Robert Wilson

Regarding the speed operated traffic lights in Fairlie, the light system is flawed, people only jump the lights ( not condoning it) because the lights go red on both sides when only one side has detected a speeding car ,this happens so often and they're hardly ever seeing a car emerge from the causeway that some simply barrel through. Put up proper speed cameras and change lights back to normal. It was a daft idea back when it was implemented and still is.
It is time to admit it and get it sorted for the better as all it does is cause extra pollution around that junction.
Ross Clezy

Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative works to promote the principle of global social justice locally via FAIRTRADE. We put on several one-off Fairtrade events every year, as well as running regular Fairtrade stalls at the local Farmers’ Market and in Fairlie Parish Church, and work with schools, businesses and other organisation within North Ayrshire.
We would very much welcome anyone who would like to join our small, friendly steering group, to learn more about Fairtrade, or to help us to put on Fairtrade events and stalls. Please contact Helen on 01475 568 280 or Gabrielle on 01475 568 112 for more information.
Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative