Just returned from Millport Country Music Festival and after getting stuck on the island on the Saturday night just wanted to highlight the amazing work the Cumbrae Support Team does.
What a brilliant weekend we had, artists were outstanding and as always the atmosphere was brilliant. 
A huge special thank you had to go out to the Cumbrae Support Team from myself and my husband. 
We ended up stranded on Cumbrae on the Saturday night after the Country Music Festival.
The help we were given from the amazing events and support teams who were brilliant with us was above and beyond their call of duty.
We were enjoying the music too much and not looking at the time. Suddenly we’ve missed the last bus to the slip, and then there were no taxis. 
Bob Campbell from the support team drove us round to see if the ferry was still running but they were done. 
They took us back and Janice Healy sorted out a tent, bed rolls, sleeping bags and a blanket. 
We cannot fault them at all, they looked after us so well and even made us a cuppa and kept me calm as I panicked and burst into tears after realising we couldn’t get home!
Michael Bertram had the job of trying to calm me down. Scott Ferris of Mapes even offered us a van to sleep in, and yesterday when we were relaying our tales of woe we had several other offers of help from the country music festival staff themselves had they known what had happened, Millport people are the best!
Claire Ferguson