I thought you might like to see this e-mail which I have just sent to Transport Scotland.

'It gives me no pleasure to say 'I told you so' but, as the new barrier supposed to protect the electric cabling from high tides at Saltcoats was being constructed, I offered the view in a letter to the Largs and Millport News that it would be ineffective since it was of no great height and seemed incapable of repelling high tides driven by high winds.

So it has proved.

I am not an engineer but it seems to me that the only permanent solution will involve a tunnel like structure being built for several hundred yards south of Saltcoats station to enclose the electric cables.

The kind of disruption we now have on a regular basis has moved beyond minor inconvenience to become a major disrupter of travel for work and leisure. Drastic action is required.'

David Hutchison