For the last twenty or more years both the number of cars on the road and the frequency of people making use of cars for day trips have significantly increased while at the same time, the councils have caused the parking provision in Largs to shrink year on year. Councillors have produced enough hot air on this topic to fuel a balloon race around the world, but absolutely nothing has been achieved. As my business relies little on tourist trade, perhaps I can comment in an unbiased manner on the proposal regarding the use of the putting green at the Vikingar for parking. I have already heard rumours of other alternative sites being considered. If so, it seems the councillors ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’ because I am certain that none of these alternatives can boast all of the following assets.
1) The location is ideal in that it would be obvious to all motorists coming in from the north, so no driving around to search for a space would be required. Consequently many cars would no longer continue into the town centre.
2) It already has an excellent entrance and a two-lane exit formed so there would be no need to waste time in consultation with Amey Highways.
3) There is already a pelican crossing perfectly located at the exit which allows safe access from the car park to the prom.
4) The ground level is such that no costly major excavation work would be required.
5) Just as important is the fact that this car park would be a great asset to the people of Largs outside of the tourist season, offering close winter parking for school shows, pantomimes etc. usually staged at the Vikingar.
6) The extra car spaces created would allow the area to the north side of the Vikingar to be reserved for coaches (which I believe was once the case) and thus encourage coach operators, which in turn would bring more visitors.
In a nutshell one could not ask for a better site. Hopefully the above is clear enough to the councillors so as to avoid the need for a totally unnecessary feasibility study or consultation process as per the farce surrounding the forever changing location of the bus stop a few years ago. To use the trendy vernacular, this is a ‘no brainer’ and if and when those in positions of responsibility realise that ‘actions speak louder than words’, it would not be unreasonable for the work to be completed before this summer season.
Peter Valerio
Largs Hardware Services