I’m writing to encourage your readers to join the thousands of people across Scotland, and millions around the world, taking part in the biggest event to protect the planet, Earth Hour. It is taking place at 8.30pm on Saturday 30 March and you can all get involved.

Climate change is already happening in front of our eyes here in Scotland.

One in 11 Scottish species are endangered by our changing climate, including the beloved capercaillie, puffin and the white-beaked dolphin.

Even small increases in temperature threaten many of the plants and animals that make Scotland such a wonderful place to live.

You can help by being a #VoiceForThePlanet and pledge to change an aspect of your life to live more sustainably. This could be switching to a green energy provider, turning down your washing machine to 30 degrees or going on a staycation. Whilst individually these changes may seem small, together they will have a huge impact and will help to reduce our environmental footprint.

Be part of this global moment by switching off your lights for an hour on Saturday 30 March at 8.30pm and use the time to go star gazing, join a local nature walk or simply have a candlelit meal with friends or family.

There are hundreds of Earth Hour events happening across Scotland- make your pledge to protect our wonderful planet, and find out what’s on near you, by visiting wwfscotland.org.uk/earthhour.

Why not share your pledge and your Earth Hour actions on the night by tagging #EarthHourScotland on social media, and join the millions around the world taking action to protect our planet.

Lang Banks,

Director of WWF Scotland

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