Every year, more than 3,000 men in Scotland are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Sadly, almost 1,000 men die from the disease every year. In some cases, their deaths could have been prevented had they received earlier diagnosis and treatment.

In an effort to raise awareness about prostate cancer, and encourage more men to talk openly about the disease, Prostate Cancer UK is launching a new partnership with Bowls Scotland.

Over the yearlong partnership, prostate cancer information and leaflets will be available within Bowling clubs, awareness posters will be displayed on washroom doors, and clubs will receive the offer of training on key prostate cancer messages to bring up in conversation with their members. Clubs and members will have the opportunity to buy the charity’s ‘Man of Men’ pin badge for a suggested donation of £2 each.

The charity will also be at the 2019 Bowls Scotland National Championships in July to provide health information, access to services and support to bowlers who may have concerns about prostate cancer; a disease that kills one man every 45 minutes - the same time it takes to play a typical 15-end game of bowls.

Prostate Cancer UK’s ambition is to stop men dying from prostate cancer, and to achieve this it is crucial to reach as many men as possible to help raise awareness of their risk. Partnering with Bowls Scotland provides an opportunity to get these important health messages out to 61,000 members across 860 Bowling clubs in Scotland whilst also raising vital funds, and has the potential to save lives across the country.

Anyone with concerns about prostate cancer can also contact Prostate Cancer UK's Specialist Nurses in confidence on 0800 074 8383, or visit prostatecanceruk.org.

Yours sincerely

Bronywn O’Riordan and Thomas Hamilton

Prostate Cancer UK Bowls Scotland