Letter to the Editor

The community centre and library are the very heart of our village. They serve as a meeting place and a source of activities which we would not be able to enjoy anywhere else without considerable travel, which is not possible now that we have a joke for a bus service.
Even these days, not everyone has access to a computer but anyone can use the facilities in the library. 
I am one of many people who learned how to use one there. 
The companionship and assistance of our lovely 'library lady' made something new and difficult into a great experience.
We need a place to hold meetings, parties, activities; a place to learn to love books and discover what they can teach you that you just can't learn on a smart phone.
A number of people who have recently moved to the village have expressed how delighted they were when they moved here, to have a 'hub' where they could join in and become locals themselves. How disappointed they must be to discover that, systematically, everything is being taken away from us. You want to build new houses here but they will be in a dead village with no facilities, no shops, no transport, minimal care of grass and hedges etc. with the general air of a council which just doesn't care.
In other words N.A.C. SHAME ON YOU

Joan Whyte