Letter to the Editor

I have every sympathy with the Writers Group and their attempts to save the library from moving to Vikingar
They will be aware that over the last decade North Ayrshire Council has had more than £100m cut from the budget. 
Cuts of this size cannot be met by cutting stationery use or even losing a few jobs. 
It is a savage amount and it means difficult choices like moving the library or transferring assets such as the Brisbane Centre to local groups to own and manage must be considered.
According to the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), about £30m of the cuts are due to reductions from the Conservatives at Westminster. The largest share of the cuts, the other £70m, is the work of the SNP at Holyrood.
Largs has an SNP MP, an SNP MSP and an SNP Councillor. 
The people of the North Coast and all of North Ayrshire deserve well stocked libraries, sufficient local halls and facilities and decent council services. This is why, under Labour at Holyrood, computer facilities at libraries were made free to all, to encourage people to make more use of these community facilities. 
Unfortunately, the obvious choice is not to vote for the parties who continually and savagely cut the cash available to deliver these valuable services to local communities.
Valerie Reid
Largs Labour Party