At a time of 'group think' when we are all supposed to go along with everything that's said about climate change, the end of the world, and that we are all racist and sexist etc etc thank God for the Free Speech Union.

We need voices of reason more than ever in a divided society, and you won't be surprised, dear reader, to know I am pleased to be a Scottish member of the Free Speech organisation that stands up for common sense.

For example, the science of climate change and the resulting government policies of the unattainable net zero should be open to debate, and not dictated to us as an absolute truth by such eejits as Just Stop Oil and the Green Party, who have been promoted well above their abilities by the SNP government. 

Challenges to Net Zero are, at last, growing around the world. Most dramatically, European farmers have blockaded city streets in their tractors, but closer to home we have seen protests against the dubious claim that older vehicles have to be banned from city centres because their exhaust fumes will kill us.

Too often, those of us who question national and global responses to climate change are traduced as "deniers". Sure, there's climate change, as there has been for billions of years, but I doubt very much that mankind is overpowering nature.

Why did the scientific study of climate become so politicised, and why has this given rise to such rigid political and ideological orthodoxy? How dare you argue against it?

Author Ross Clark’s book 'Not Zero: How an Irrational Target Will Impoverish You, Help China (and Won’t Even Save the Planet)' is one of the few current pieces of research to challenge the 'group think' of ending oil and gas production in the United Kingdom where we make an infinitesimal mark on global pollution. Apparently, we even need to get rid of farting cows. It's just bonkers. Hot air, indeed.

Also crazy was our recent Free Speech case which helped Christian street preacher Angus Cameron win compensation from Police Scotland for being wrongfully arrested for a homophobic ‘hate crime’.

Mr Cameron was preaching in Glasgow city centre when he was handcuffed, searched and held in a police van for more than an hour following a complaint that he had been using “homophobic language”.

Despite never being charged, and consistently denying saying or doing anything criminal, Police Scotland logged a hate incident, rather than a crime, next to his name. However, he sued the police and has now been awarded £5,500 in compensation and £9,400 in costs.

That’s good news for free speech and Mr Cameron follows in the footsteps of preachers in fighting back against police overreach. Would the police arrest folk shouting anti-Jewish slogans? Not so far.

One of our most common Free Speech legal cases involves defending people who are sacked by councils, universities and companies for believing that there are only two genders, and that a woman doesn't have a penis. In almost all cases we are winning against the mad, woke ideology. According to a few, there are 76 genders....or is that trombones?

If you are one of the voices of reason check out The Free Speech Union.

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Thought for the Week: Guess what happens after you're offended? Nothing! That's it! Now, be an adult and move on.

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I have never had the pleasure of living in Millport and must ashamedly admit that I don't cross on the ferry often enough.

Mind you, the walking football club is planning a day away on the island in the summer for a pub crawl or some other educational event.

However, as the former editor going back to the days of the town council, I try to keep tabs on the news headlines from Great Cumbrae which is, of course, twinned with Great Britain.

I note that the island seems to be punching above its weight with almost £50 million of investment in three flood protection schemes, including the offshore breakwater and a flood alleviation project which is scheduled to begin next year.  Despite being one of the many hard-pressed local authorities North Ayrshire Council has committed £10m to these works.

Meanwhile the island volunteers have overseen an amazing regeneration of the 1878 town hall thanks to millions of funds, including the National Lottery, which will create a multi-purpose community hub in Millport.

Speaking of multi-million pound projects, the controversial solar farm is to go ahead at the top of the Cumbrae hills, despite local opposition. It proves that hardly any green innovation will ever be rejected in Scotand.

I certainly don't agree with the argument that solar panels will prevent holidaymakers mobbing Millport, and I note another controversial proposal by council officials to charge the owners of the 452 second homes on the island up to double council tax.

Historically, holiday homes have added to the growth of the wee island for a hundred years, so, hopefully, the local councillors will have a say on that.