The British Padel Tour came to Ayrshire for the second time in a row with participants from Largs and West Kilbride taking part in the growing sport.
Played at Stevenston Industrial Estate, local participants included John Byrne, Mark Henry, David and June McCulloch of West Kilbride, and Largs men Andrew Boyle and Claudio Nardini.
The matches were played to a very high standard, and some of the top categories including some thrilling rallies, with some shots from outside the court particularly catching the eye. You can see some video clips on the Ayrshire Padel Tennis (APT) facebook page.
Padel is similar to tennis but is played in the confines of four perspex walls, with underarm serve, and the ball is allowed to bounce off the back glass, ensuring long rallies, utilising the same scoring system as tennis, although using shorter padel racquets.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
The final came down to a battle for the number one seeds in the UK in the fast flowing racquet sport with Richard Brooks & Willy Castañon overcoming John Leach & Luis Amador Gonzalez 6/3, 6/1.

See video clip below

It was well done to Ayrshire Padel players John Byrne and Gillian Davidson who won the Mixed Doubles title section C over David and June McCulloch of West Kilbride.
David and John teamed up to win the final in the Group B consolation veteran doubles. See Sports compendium for full results. The event attracted many Spaniards, including APT coach Alex Rodriguez, and teams from Ireland, and around the UK.
Thanks to John Keachie for the action shots. 
For more details about taking part in the new racquet sport, go to