Largs Karate Club showed that they are top of the chops with a series of recent grading achievements.
The long running club have been hitting the heights once more with their recent gradings showing strong signs of improvement for local members.
 A recent grading for students of Largs Karate Club was conducted by Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan, former world champion, and  the following students progressed their belt ranking as follows: Promoted to orange belt - Ryan Armstrong, Jason Armstrong, Paige Galloway and Declan Guy. Promoted to red belt - Cody McCafferty and Owen Allen. Promoted to green belt - Cameron Taylor and David Hardy Promoted to purple belt - Zane Longmuir, Cormac Cameron-Finn and Alessandra Mezzoni. Promoted to purple and white belt - Andy Craig, Grant Arneil and Estella Conner. Promoted to brown & white belt 2nd kyu - Ophelia Conner and Evie Taylor. Promoted to brown & white belt 1st kyu - Ethan Pascual.
All students are to be congratulated for their sterling efforts during their examination.
Largs Karate Club trains term time on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm in the PE Department of Largs Academy. Former and new students are welcome to join the club at any time.
Last year at the Scottish Championships, the club brought back an amazing 28 medals across a wide range of events, with some exceptional individual performances.