The football match between Largs Thistle and Cambuslang at Barrfields was abandoned at half-time.

There were heated scenes as both sets of players headed into their respective dressing rooms after the half-time whistle was sounded.

The referee repeatedly blew his whistle as the incident happened, and then a short time afterwards, he blew his whistle three times to signal that the match had been abandoned.

Thistle had been leading 1-0 thanks to an early Scott Adam strike but Cambuslang had been reduced to ten man after a sending off.

Largs manager Stuart Davidson spoke to the 'News' after the game: "I am absolutely gutted, I thought the players did well to be 1-0 up at half-time, and you fancy yourself to go on and get the three points, and  then an incident happened at half-time, and the match got abandoned which I am really not happy about.

Stuart added that he was surprised by the decision for the game to be abandoned. He commented: "I have played in games in junior football before when there have been riots on the pitch, and police horses, and the game carried on."

Largs Thistle look set to play Cambuslang FOUR times this season now including today's encounter, as this match will likely have to be replayed, Thistle travel to Cambuslang on 3 February on league business, and both teams have been drawn to play against each other at Barrfields Park in the New Coins Automatic West of Scotland Cup.