Largs Karate Club have once again proved that they are 'Top of the Chops' with great improvements shown throughout the past year.
Pictured before a recent grading examination, conducted by former world champion Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan, are members who participated in the course and grading.
Successful in attaining their next grade were; Stuart Raymond 9th Kyu (Orange belt) Jason Armstrong, Ryan Armstrong, Paige Galloway,Declan Guy 8th Kyu ( Red belt) Lauren Raymond, Elizabeth Barbour, Cody McAfferty, Owen Allen 7th Kyu (Yellow belt) Eva Barbour 6th Kyu (Green belt) Cameron Taylor, David Hardy, Alessandra Mezzoni, Cormac Finn 5th Kyu (Purple belt) Zane Longmuir 4th Kyu (Purple/white belt) Grant Arneill, Mathew N'Goran, Estella Conner, Andrew Craig 3rd Kyu (Brown belt) Eve Taylor, Ethan Pascual, Ophelia Conner 1st Kyu (Brown/white belt). Well done to all for their diligence and sterling efforts and for continuing their Karate journey.
Largs Karate Club train every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. For more information, email the club at or find them on Facebook.