Largs Thistle legend George Wall's new column... 

As it was my 60th birthday this year and I play international football for the over-50s, I have my own personal fitness trainer to keep me fully fit for all challenges.
As important as it is, I read Mark Wahlberg’s fitness regime with some incredulity!
The Oscar-nominated US actor printed his schedule which includes a 2.30am wake up followed by breakfast and a 3.40am-5.15am workout, this is followed by shower, golf and snack, all by 10.30am.
With family time, meetings, and another gym work out at 4pm, with dinner and bed-time at 7.30pm, it makes for some exhausting reading!
I reckon some of the Thistle players in my time were just getting to bed at 2.30am!
When I worked in America at IBM, I remember playing a paddle ball sport at 6am in the morning with a colleague who was always keen on early rises. That is the earliest that I have ever partaken in sport!
It is all good stuff from Mark Wahlberg. If you can afford to do it, it is great. You would need to be so selfish. What about the rest of his family? He goes to bed at 7.30pm, and his kids are just getting home from school at 4pm or 5pm.
Swimmer Michael Phelps apparently went five years without taking a day out of training.
When I was at Leeds recently at a football coaching camp, it was also the venue for Great Britain Triathlon Centre. We had just arrived at 9am for our first training session, and the triathlon team were going out for a jog after their first session.
One of their boys said they did 35 hours per week training — that is like a full-time job!
They are over in Australia just now. They are swimming, running, and at the gym. These guys are really dedicated to it, and it was very impressive.
When you are doing fitness, you get addicted to it.
Even when training at Largs, you are in a competitive environment, and you want to train, or at least that is how it should be.
In my experience, it is the better players that go that bit extra who succeed above and beyond training. Chris Millar is my personal fitness trainer and he has achieved this in his playing career. 
It was an impressive win for Thistle on Saturday against Irvine Meadow.

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