Double-cup winning Thistle legend George Wall looks ahead to the Macron Scottish Cup tie at Darvel on Saturday...

I was talking to Thistle President Peter Connor at the sports quiz in JG Sharp's on Saturday.
There wasn't a great turn-out and supporters need to get behind the club for these fundraising events, specially now that they are in the Premier League.
Our team including ex-Thistle players Jim Wilson and Steve McCafferty and we finished second overall, but supporters need to get out and help the club specially given they went to all the effort of arranging it. 
It sounded like Largs held their own in Saturday in that first half against Beith.
From a goalscoring point of view, Thistle don't seem to be doing so well with two goals netted in the last three games.
After scoring fours, fives and a 7-0 earlier in the season, expectations were understandably high but for whatever reason they have struggled in recent games.
Results have not been good, was it a false dawn when we were in third spot in the league a few weeks ago?
You shouldn't get caught cold by a free kick like what happened on Saturday for the first goal. That was an old Erik Sorenson tactic I remember from my days at Dalry Thistle.
If their boy passes the free kick rather than attempts to score it, one of the players in the wall should go out and defend it.
On saying that, I have scored a goal like that myself in the past for Dalry against Ardrossan - and boom - it was in the roof of the net.
This Saturday is the real test.
Darvel had a poor result in the West losing to Shettleston, and drew at the weekend at Craigmark. Apparently they have had a few injuries.
They have Chris Strain snr in charge and have already gained a Premier scalp in Petershill in an earlier round in the Scottish Cup, so Thistle will have to be ready.
I have played at Darvel a few times - my abiding memory was that they had the worst changing rooms in the world, unless they have changed them since!
I played there under Dick Brock and remember Jim Wilson had a bad pass back and I fouled the guy and was ordered off. Brock and Wilson had a set to at half-time because of it!
We actually got out of jail that day and got a win.
I remember during our Scottish Cup season 25 years ago we were losing 1-0 at Darvel and managed to get a late equaliser. John Crawford pushed our central defender Barclay Feeney upfront and we drew 1-1. 
It was a crucial point as we got promoted that season.
I fully expect Largs to go and beat Darvel, but again I was expecting Largs to go and beat Lesmahagow.
Chris Strain snr no matter where he has been has always done a decent job as a manager and he is now in charge of Darvel, so Largs will certainly need to be at their best, and will hope to re-discover their goalscoring touch.