I headed to the Largs v Pollok game last weekend but arrived at Barrfields to find that the game had been called off.

It seems the referee took a ball to bottom goal kicked it back up the park and it came back to him

I spoke to former Thistle keeper Stephen Connick and he said it was the correct decision.

With the fixtures now out until the end of the season, it is a great finale for Thistle with Talbot away at Beechwood Park and then Beith at home.

Looking at the here and now, I am taking Largs to beat Roy Roy on Saturday and then they have three league games at home to concentrate on which could be key for the outcome of the season.

Thistle play league leaders Hurlford on January 5 and they were surprisingly turned over 5-0 at Blair Park by Auchinleck.

It is not often that you see league leaders being turned over 5-0 at home in any league.

I watched the video highlights, and it was some strike by Gordon Pope for Talbot's fifth goal.

The feedback I got from the match was that Hurlford were slow at the back and can’t deal with cross balls.

With plenty of pace about Largs going forward these days, Thistle may well want to keep this in mind.

But Largs will be more concerned with taking care of Roy Roy this weekend.

It is good to see assistant boss Martin Crawford praising the impact of midfielder Mark Millar.

He is a big influence and any junior team would have him in their ranks. I think he makes a big difference.

* The Champions League and Europa Cup draws were made on Monday, and we have some cracking ties to look forward to in February.

Celtic will be looking for a big improvement on last week's performance against Red Bull Salzburg when they take on Spanish giants Valencia.

I saw Valencia during their matches with Manchester United in the group stages and they will be tough competition after dropping down from the Champions League.

It was quite surreal to see Celtic looking down and out at 2-0 down to Salzburg last week, then Rosenburg got that equaliser in Germany, and suddenly everyone were celebrating.

Liverpool have been on blisteringly good form lately and it was a great win versus Manchester United at the weekend, and they are looking good for a title tilt.

They will be looking forward to the Bayern match which is another great tie.

Cristiano Ronaldo is back in Madrid to play against his old rivals Atletico for Juventus. Manchester City probably have the easiest tie with Schalke, but watch out for Porto - they could be the outside bet for the trophy this year, and they face AS Roma in the last 16.