Largs Thistle have put in a formal complaint regarding the recent call-off versus Petershill to the SJFA West Region.

Around two hours before kick-off, the game had to be called off after the Glasgow side were unable to access their kit from the council owned New Petershill Park.

Thistle President Peter Connor said: "We have claimed all our expenses for the day and put in a formal letter."

At around 11.45am, fans were alerted on social media that the game had been postponed after the Glasgow club, whose park is based within a council owned facility in Glasgow, could not access their gear because the stadium was closed.
Petershill tweeted: "Apologies to all at Largs Thistle, but although we thought all the necessary arrangements were in place to collect our stuff this morning, we were unable to access Petershill Park to collect our playing kit. Sorry once again."
And after criticism of the decision, Petershill posted a picture of their team bus outside the stadium, and said: "Apparently we didn't want to play despite paying 300 quid for a bus we supposedly weren't intending using. It was an unfortunate mistake which I am sure won't happen again. Apologies once again to Largs Thistle."

Thistle manager Stuart Davidson said: "It really is not good enough.
"We as a club have put in a lot of preparation for match day, and trips were cancelled and shifts were changed so that our players could make the game.
"We are supposed to be looking at a pyramid system as of next season, and it seems very unprofessional and poor that a club cannot have its team kit ready for games in readiness.