One of Ayrshire’s newest sports clubs is looking for new members and support from local businesses. 
The West of Scotland Padel club is now a registered charity run by volunteers based in Stevenston. 
They boost three 'world class' courts which are the only indoor courts in the country. 
The sport of padel tennis is hugely popular in Europe and South America with more people playing and watching padel in Spain than football. 
It uses the same scoring system as tennis and the ball can bounce off the back walls of toughened glass ensuring longer rallies.
The club is in safe hands with well known local business man Chris McMail president of the club and vastly experienced sports development manager Blair Pettigrew as his assistant. The club offers something for everyone with access to the padel club 24/7 for games. The club has a stricter league and coaching clinics for those new to the sport.
Stuart Alexander, the club's finance lead, urged local business to get involved in supporting the club to allow its reach to grow in the wider community. 
Stuart said: “We are a young club run completely by volunteers and are all working hard to give as many opportunities as we can for everyone who wants to get involved, we have a range of attractive sponsorship packages available so please get in touch with us”
The club have managed to secure a prestigious gold Padel Tour event which will see the best players from all over the UK and beyond converge on Stevenston for a high class tournament on the weekend of Friday 8 February and spectators are invited to go along and watch the fast paced fun sport first hand.
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