Let me say I firmly believe the tie v Hurlford is all about Largs. I feel Largs have to much energy about the team . Full backs McMaster and Orr have what I like to see in a full back and that is the capability to get forward and drive at the Hurlford defence. These guys will cause any teams problems. In the centre of defence Creag Little is experienced enough now to hold them back and defend when need be if the team is under pressure. The midfield with Mark Millar in there controlling things are again a match for anyone and his experience is invaluable in knowing when to attack and when to hold the shape of the team. I don’t think there is anyone like Mark playing in the Premier League . Up front Ben Black, Ryan McKie, Scott Adam all have the ability to cause any defence problems and in Kevin Struthers Largs have a very clever player. Chances will be created and Largs need to take them. Scot Adam I feel has not been up to the standards he set last season but now is a great time to get back there. With those forwards if I was in Largs defence I would be thinking “don’t give anything away, clear our lines, fully concentrate because if we do that our forwards will score “. So for me all about how Largs play. 
Darren Henderson though will have watched Largs and know what they are capable of however he has told me so far he has not watched any of the Largs training sessions. I have met Darren on a number of occasions even played with him in the Veterans football ( a very good player he is too ) and I know he intends to turn out in the Over 35’s League this season . He is very knowledgeable of the game has a number of experienced players at his disposal. They will be favourites to get through this tie so pressure all on them. I think Darren has shown with Glenafton and now Hurlford he is a good manager and puts good teams together capable of competing at the top of the junior game. He had the experience at this stage in the competition but so has Arnie albeit in a playing capacity but that will stand him in good stead.
The disappointment of last season when they lost a couple of goals in the last few minutes of the game in the cup final may spur them on but on the other hand it should spur Largs in knowledge that if the play for the 90 minutes with energy and commitment Hurlford are there for the taking. Especially on the 3G surface at Largs which will be a factor and I feel will not suit Hurlford .
For me though the young energy of the Largs team versus the experience of Hurlford and the fact little travel involved for the 2nd leg swings it for me. 
I have never agreed with the two leg semi. It should be one game extra time and penalties if required. Two legs for me takes away a bit of the excitement for the fans. The clubs probably voted for this to generate more revenue. The game to me is more than just generating revenue maybe I am just “old school “ but a one off game under the floodlights at a senior ground is a lot better. 
Let’s do this Largs.

* The game kicks off at Barrfields Park at 2.30pm, and fans are advised to turn up early to avoid the queues. The turnstiles open an hour before kick-off.