Saturday's 2-2 draw between Largs Thistle and Hurlford certainly wasn’t the scoreline I predicted or wanted however we are not out of the tie, still well in it and still more than capable of winning.

A one off game v Hurlford to reach the final.

Bring it on, I say!

I never got to the game but by all accounts Nicky Jamieson and Creag Little were our best players with Martin Orr not far behind.

Watching the video highlights, the goals were not great for either team to lose and both managers will be asking questions. Albeit Creag’s goal looked as if it was straight off the training ground.

I said previously I thought Largs had the forwards to win the game. I still think they do

It is time for them to stand up and be counted, the team needs you.

It would be good if Ben Black recovers from injury to be part of the squad. The players now have that big game experience that may have lacked at this level which will stand them in good stead.

The cup winning team of 94 had forwards you always thought would score, McCurdy, Quigg, Halley, we played with three forwards .

The rest of the team accepted we may have needed to work harder because we played with three up top but accepted that. All about the team not individuals.

I think that acceptance of hard work and a steely determination not to loss goals was the key to success especially as we won all ties away from home.

This tie was never going to be easy and nor it should be at this stage in the competition.

I am looking forward to a great game.

It’s a very tough game but I feel Largs have it in then to win if they play to their capabilities.

See you there!

* What do you do with a problem like Alfredo Morelos?

I was giving Morelos some leeway due to his age, young player needs to learn etc but he is just not learning.

Morelos has been red-carded five times this season, with one rescinded.

The way things are going looks like fans are turning against him. He needs to learn quickly.

His season is just about over as I think it is now a four game ban.

* Changes to the Champions League have been talked about for sometime now . I am one of the ones that think any changes made to the Champions League will have little effect on Scottish clubs.

We are so far away from the elite clubs for it to make any difference to us. Our top team Celtic don’t even invest in their playing staff to make a dent at that level despite seemingly having the funds to do so.

We should concentrate on making our game better in Scotland, raising the quality of the football and the quality of the experience for the supporters.

There is so much more clubs along with the SFA can do for their fans.

We also need to get grassroots sorted because as we have seen Scotland national team does not have the quality to compete.