Who is up for a party like it’s 1994?

It was a great performance by Largs to reach the Macon Scottish Cup final, writes George Wall.

It may have been two penalties but the full-time result was fully deserved.

I honestly cannot pick out a man of the match.

Mark Millar for his composure on the ball, Laurie McMaster for his never give up attitude and tenacious tackling, Nicky Jamieson for his timely headers and bravery, so many to choose from.

No debate about either penalty in fact I thought Largs should have had another in the first half. Both penalties were well put away well by Scott Adam and Mark Millar.

The second penalty reminded me of the semi in 94 when Kilwinning’s Joe Love handled the ball, is that a omen?

The game started slowly with both teams a little nervous.

I was looking for Largs to increase the tempo of the game which I thought would bring them greater reward.

When we did that Hurlford looked vulnerable.

After the first goal went in Largs needed a second just to close the game out even that early in the game they looked like winners however a soft goal for Hurlford brought them back into the contest.

In the second half Largs controlled the game especially when they scored another with Mark Millar coming into his own.

I thought Hurlford just resorted to what I would call “bully boy" tactics but Largs stood up to it.

I have got to mention Laurie McMaster’s tackle on the Hurlford number 9 who did give Largs problems, I would have been proud of that one, baby face assassin is Laurie.

The substitutions by Largs all done at the right time making a difference and seeing the game out.

Well done to manager Stuart Davidson and with him facing his old club in the final what a emotional day it will be for him.

Tucker Sloan beware Arnie is coming back to see you.

The Largs support did the town and club proud today and it was great to see lots of ex players and old team mates out supporting the team.