I wonder how long it will take the SFA to appoint a new Scotland manager.

I know the next game is not until June but the sooner the better as far am I am concerned.

The axe has been wielded on Alex McLeish despite being only two games into the qualifying campaign for Euro 2020.

Having secured a Nations League play-off semi final next year, Scotland fell on their sword in the opening game against Kazshakstan before beating San Marino 2-0.

We have high expectations but maybe not the players to deliver.

If our expectations are not realistic then we will always fail.

I think the statement from Ian Maxwell gives big expectations and he seems to think the player are there.

So who is next for the Scotland job? Stevie Clarke would appear to be a popular choice after doing a great job for Kilmarnock.

Stevie Clarke has the experience of operating with big clubs.

Davie Moyles has been touted for the Scotland job and the Celtic job. I don't know if Celtic fans would be happy with Moyes.

I think they will want someone who they feel can crack Europe someone with European pedigree.

Yes Moyes was in Spain for a while but that ended badly.

Celtic will also look for someone that plays a exciting brand of attacking football. Looks like they will need Pep Guardiola!

Would Moyes be any better an appointment than McLeish for Scotland? McLeish at least won a trophy in England with Birmingham, I am not aware of Moyes having won anything as manager.

Another name who has been mentioned is Derek McInnes at Aberdeen but I think there is still a question mark over whether he would be a good choice.

Marcello Lippi is another name I see being mentioned with the post.

But now that Stevie Clarke has publicly said that he would like to be Scotland manager at some time in the future surely that should open the door for the SFA to try and begin talks.

* It was one of the more eye-catching results of the season in the English Premiership on Sunday - Everton 4 Manchester United 0.

No one would have had that on their coupon.. it was totally unexpected.

All this talk about players leaving and new contracts does not seem to be doing them any good.

The honeymoon period is over for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after getting off to a great start in his managerial career.

It seems to be player power. Ole needs to get rid of those responsible.

The same thing actually happened at Largs when myself and Frank Lovering took over at Largs, some of the guys refused to train, and we got rid of the instigator.

You need to sort it out quickly as otherwise it is an unworkable situation.