'News' football columnist Geoge Wall reflects on a dramatic night in Paris as Scotland ladies bow out of the World Cup on Wednesday night.

I thought VAR had a place in football but the decision against Scotland just seemed a step to far.

Unless a kicker misses the target based on the retake Argentina got we might be retaking penalties until they are scored. 

Taking VAR to the extreme as it did on Wednesday night will only have the game stop starting and the supporters not knowing what is happening. Should we just stop at goal line technology and accept referees are human and will make mistakes and that is part and parcel of the game?

It was a great performance I thought by Scotland in the World Cup despite going out of the tournament.

It was good to see Erin Cuthbert get a goal , player of the tournament for Scotland with a another outstanding performance.

I think Scotland had the bit between their teeth from the word go against Argentina . They knew they had to win and went out to try and do it.

Maybe they got lucky before the opening goal with Argentina hitting the bar and a great safe from Lee Alexander from the follow up by Argentina .

With Argentina scoring twice to bring it back to 3-2 it made for a exciting end to the game.

My heart was in my mouth with VAR taking so long for the penalty claim.

The decision went against us however a great double save and I thought we were through but in true Scotland World Cup style the drama was not over with a retake decided by VAR due to the goalie not being on her line.Heartbreaking, Scotland go out after being 3-0 up, was like a men’s team hard luck story. What poor refereeing for such a prestigious tournament. We will be debating VAR for years if that incident becomes the norm.

What is it about Scotland and World Cups ?