Largs Thistle legend George Wall writes for the 'News' ...

It is really sad to see the vandalism at Largs Thistle and Kilwinning Rangers during recent weeks.
There are no words to describe how ridiculous it is - it is a sad state of affairs in the junior game.
It is local youths who must be doing this - what is going through their minds?
They may have been playing football at Barrfields after it was locked up but now they are just going to make it even harder for themselves to play there.
Burning holes in the surface and damaging the benches - it is hard enough as it is running a junior club without having to put up with this mindless vandalism.
I was shocked to see that the problem at Kilwinning Rangers new stadium with their hospitality suite damaged by vandals too. See here
It is a crazy state of affairs, and unfortunately it looks like CCTV may well be required at these parks.
The problem with CCTV is that the damage has already been done but hopefully it can act as a deterrent.