'News' Football correspondent George Wall gives his opinion on the back-to-back defeats at Hampden, and asks where does the national team go from here?

Scotland, what a let down.

After the appointment of Steve Clarke the fans all thought we would see improvement, have we?

I read Roberto Martinez thinks so but is he just being gracious after gubbing us 4-0 ?

I don’t see the improvement. Where do we go from here ? Steve Clarke saying finishing 3rd is his target now. I think we are all glad we have the place in the National League play-off that might get us to our own party as we are co hosts of the Euro’s.

Against Russia, Scotland started very well. scored their goa butl then sat back , after about 20 minutes it was all Russia, Scotland giving the ball away a lot. Russia scored from such a situation just before half time.

The second half was much of the same. It as all Russia with Scotland again not holding onto the ball.

Robertson was getting a bit of stick on the radio  but I  think he is a victim of his own success. O’Donnell was also getting stick. The comment on McBurnie was he did well in the opening stages but had no service after that.

Let’s hope Kris Boyd is wrong in his assessment that we have still to hit rock bottom.

But the over-riding question remains ... Where are our players that can compete at international level?