Although the Scottish Cup was won in 1994, and what an achievement it was to do that, it is important not to overlook that the league was also won that season.

To do both was really something special.
Playing for Largs in the double winning season was a pleasant surprise for me.
After breaking my leg in a Scottish tie in 1992 I thought my days were numbered.
I went to the USA to live for 18 months, came back and was staying in a hotel and got the call from Kenny Lynn asking if I could help out in the Jackie Scarlett Cup v Kilbirnie. 
How could you say no to playing in that game? 
Although I did ok in my first game in 18 months playing against Gerry Ronald we were beat 3-0 though. 
I was asked to turn up for the next game which happened to be the infamous 10-0 defeat versus Beith. 
Ossie Louden and Kenny Lynn resigned after that game. 
The club brought in Dave McKellar as manager and he asked me to be his assistant; I think Taffy recommended me for that. 
We quickly realised we needed to strengthen the team.
The first player identified was Archie Halley and the deal was done. Then Davie Elliot came on board another great signing. 
One that got away was Joe Love who played a trial game he decided to go to the Buffs.
However Joe played a big part in getting us to the Scottish final after his hand ball for Kilwinning that earned us a penalty in the semi. 
Out of the blue Davie McKellar announces he has a job in India and the third manager of that season is put in place John Crawford. 
Supporting John was Ossie Findlay and Jim Deveney who initially came as player coach. 
John also brought in Jimmy Murray, Barclay Feeney and Andy Elliot who all became regulars in the team. 
Further in the season Stephen Phairs, Albert Morrison, John Byrne, Robert McKenzie and Gary Armstrong were also brought to the club. 
All good players Albert and John were cup tied at their previous clubs and could not play in the Scottish but did their bit in the league.
One memory I have of a league game against Dalry, we were three down and I was brought on second half to play along side Albert who was a great player and the game ended 3-3. 
The other memory I have on the league is away to Darvel 1-0 down not long to go and Barclay is pushed up front. The final score was 1-1. 
My final game for Largs or final involvement as a player was last game of the season against Muirkirk where we completed the double
Having three managers in that season I think actually helped us with each manager building on what was there already. 
The guy I think that started the process being Dick Brock with our West of Scotland Cup win in 1991, followed by Ossie, Davie and John.

To be continued...