Thistle boss Stuart Davidson told the 'News' that football was now very much a secondary issue with people's lives at stake.
There is great uncertainty regarding whether the season will reach its conclusion, while plans for a new West of Scotland league pyramid system are taking shape for next season.

Davidson said:"It is a difficult situation as there are so many unknowns about how long that this could last - but the number one priority has got to be people's health.
"In terms of the players they have to take some responsibility and keep fit when they are not at training."
Davidson admitted he struggled without the football at the weekend - a feeling echoed by many managers, footballers and fans around the world
He said: "It was disappointing but ultimately there are more important things in life, and football has to become a secondary issue.
"A lot of people are in danger, and people have lost their lives - at the end of the day we are in the hands of what the experts tell us.
"The boys are good and I am sure they will look after themselves but again they have to be careful and avoid going to the gym.
"This is such a major crisis the likes of which we have never seen before - we need to look after our vulnerable people in society.
Asked what his thoughts were for the future of the league situation, with Thistle currently sitting in 11th position in the 16 team Premier League, Davidson said: "I have no idea what is going to happen. I see we have been given a league game away to Rob Roy if and when this season resumes.
"With the pyramid discussion, I don't even know yet which league we are going to be in next season so we are going to have to wait and see on a lot of different factors.

"People's health, staying at home, and taking care of each other is now the most important thing."