Thistle Scottish Cup legend George Wall gives us his views in his regular column

There is some light at the end of the tunnel for football to return later in the year.
It looks like the Scottish first and second divisions could be coming back at the end of October so hopefully the pyramid system with Largs should re-start around then too.
I see that the Championship are curtailing a round of fixtures, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the pyramid.
With 20 teams in the league, will it be possible to fulfill a 38 game fixture list, or will we see a reduced number of fixtures?
We will have to keep our fingers crossed that the game returns with the first and second division - why not?
And Largs have been boosted by a trio of new signings - I was surprised when Graham Muir went to Kilbirnie last year and he will be an asset in midfield with his experience and goalscoring ability.
Corey Hughes has shown what he is capable of at Kilbirnie and Keir Milliken will bring a strong physical presence and experience to the line-up.
With the Covid restrictions going forward, people's behaviour is key.
It is going to be important to follow all the government guidelines.
I was really taken aback by the tennis tournament in Serbia and Croatia with players and coaches coming down with Coronavirus.
They weren't following social distancing and it was an example that we must be very careful going forward as we tackle the new normal, and we must follow all the guidelines from social distancing to regular washing of hands and wearing face masks on public transport.
The return of the English Premiership is still taking some time to get used to.
Without the crowds, some of the games have felt like training games and players are still getting their match fitness.
As much as I have joined Match of the Day returning, I still want to see the Scottish fixtures and can't wait for the Premier League matches to return.
I was pretty shocked at Robbie Neilson changing clubs and leaving Dundee United for Hearts.
He has been at Hearts before but I don't think Ann Budge was there at the time - and he knows all about the Championship having successfully steered Dundee United to the title.
I thought Robbie did well at Dundee United who gave him everything he was after so I still thought it strange that he was jumping ship.
I wonder what will happen to Lawrence Shankland now - he was top scorer last year and managed to win his first Scotland cap.
Will Robbie try and take him to Hearts if they can afford him? He would cost a couple of million pounds you would think and it may be tempting for Rangers or Celtic to sign him.
But you would think he wouldn't want to drop down a division considering he has successfully moved up the divisions after being top scorer at Ayr United a few seasons ago in Division One.
One thing is for sure is that the football slowly returning, with English Premier games on the tv almost every day at the moment, it really gets you wanting football back at Largs!