LARGS News columnist George Wall remembers being one of the lucky ticketholders who saw the genius of Diego Maradona when he played for Argentina at Hampden Park.

The young Diego showed early signs of his superstar status with a stunning display at the home of Scottish football as Argentina ran out 3-1 winners.

The iconic Argentinian number 10 sadly passed away yesterday with numerous tributes filtering in from all over the world - and some locals were lucky enough to be among the 60,000 at Hampden Park to see the magical talents which went on to mesmerise the world.

George Wall said: "In Napoli as well I think he was regarded as a god, there are no real words to describe his talents, he was simply extraordinary - a genius with a football. I just wish he had a Scottish granny. 

"He had his demons but I guess that is what made him so great as well.

"He was an outstanding talent. I was at Hampden when he played against Scotland think it was in 1979 - and everyone was like 'Wow' - who is this kid?

"The recent documentary movie that was on TV showed how he carried Napoli when he was there and at the Mexico World Cup I thought he carried Argentina there as well through his incredible play.

"What a player to watch in his prime."

News reporter Calum Corral was just several feet away from Diego Maradona ten years ago when he had a front row seat at the 02 Arena in London attending the ATP tennis finals in 2010.

Calum recalled: "I was lucky enough to see Diego Maradona when in London. We were at the ATP World tennis finals at the 02 Arena, and he had turned up to watch his countryman Del Potro play. He stayed for the Nadal v Djokovic match in the evening. There was a sudden buzz as the organisers arranged for Diego to walk round the court, and everyone stood up to applaud his genius.

"He was football’s superman - he could defy the impossible."

Three days of national mourning have been announced in Argentina after Maradona died on Wednesday at the age of 60 following a heart attack.

His body will lie in state at the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace in Buenos Aires, during that time.

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