As Largs Thistle's season has been put on pause until Februrary at the earliest, we look at the inside story at Barrfields during recent months and the great lengths the club have gone to in ensuring management, committee and players are kept safe.

Lifelong fan Ryan Scott has been front and centre of all the Covid-19 planning at the Barrfields club.

A large number of teams, including Auchinleck Talbot, Glenafton, Cumnock, Kilbirnie and Dalry Thistle, decided against playing this season.
Ryan says he is privileged to help make sure everyone at the club is safe on match days and ensure the club's inaugural season in the West of Scotland League is made possible.
He said: "It is a big thing for the club  - we discussed whether it would be safe and viable and this all played a part in the decision-making process, and there is a lot more paperwork involved which we haven't encountered before.
"I am privileged to be involved in playing my part to help a club I have supported all my life, and I am really glad to help with such a great committee and band of volunteers as we all work together to make matchday happen."
Even before the season started in earnest, committee man Ryan was regularly on the scene at training providing temperature checks and ensuring management, coaching staff and players were all following the guidelines.
And it has been a busy time for the club since the season kicked off two months late in October, with seven of Largs Thistle's eight games to date taking place at Barrfields, meaning Ryan has been involved with all the necessary Covid-19 prevention planning.
He said: "I was asked when the pandemic came about on being a Covid co-ordinator - it is mandatory for all clubs to have one.
"I have five officers who support me in my role. 
"It is a fast moving situation and if the guidance changes I take that information from the SFA and implement it - we have five teams who play at Barrfields but only a few can play at the moment because of the current lockdown.
"We are classed as professional which means our team can train and play safely in a bubble - it is really fantastic to be able to continue playing this season, and to keep the playing squad from last season.
"The club secretary is the main contacts between the clubs, and I contact the opposite Covid-19 co-ordinator and get a full list of the names and contact telephone numbers of those attending for test and protect should a situation arise.
"Then there are the match day protocols which is structured by the SFA and we make up a basic document so everyone is fully aware of all the guidance and restrictions.
The set-up means that Barrfields is divided into different sections for players and management, and there are specific areas for the filming of games, press area, and it is all marked out so everyone understands where they should be in advance of matchday.
Ryan said: "Every stadium is unique so we also have to plan for the layout of Barrfields - with the away team using the stand as a changing area, while the home team use the terracing behind the dug-outs.
"The fenced off entry point is so that the access area is quite clear and leads to the temperature checks and hand sanitisers.
"We also had Coerver coaching using Barrfields recently so it was to help with the management of people coming in and out of Barrfields in the safest possible way and socially distance between each other.
"It is all explained in the document which is sent out to everybody so people know about all the specific times or arrival, accesses, and with the overall aim of keeping everyone safe."
Under government restrictions fans across the country are not allowed to attend matches. Ryan hopes it is safe for supporters to return to Barrfields soon.
He said: "The overall aim is to have supporters back in the stadium when it is safe to welcome them back - and that is something everyone at the club want to see as soon as it is possible to do so." 

And after today's announcement by the Scottish FA,  all football below the Scottish Premier League and Championship tiers, has been paused until February including the West of Scotland Premier League.