Sports pundit and Largs Thistle legend George Wall gives his view...

It was looking likely with the increase in cases around Scotland that the league season would be put in hold for Largs Thistle.

The Scottish Premiership and the SPFL Championship will be able to continue provided it commences weekly testing.
How many clubs will have the finances to do this though?
This could bring clubs in precarious financial positions to their knees, and with Alloa and Arbroath part time also, it makes it extremely hard for some sides to continue.
Celtic's big trip to Dubai has been in the spotlight. 
In an incredible situation, the Parkhead outfit now have 16 players who need to isolate - 13 players and three staff. Was the trip to Dubai worth all this added hassle?
Celtic did inform the SPFL that they were going and I assume they met all legal requirements for testing before entering the UAE.
In the FA Cup what a result for Crawley, never expected that one against Leeds. That 3-0 victory was the result of the weekend for me. For the first half hour, it was all Leeds United so credit is due to the shock troops for pulling off such an amazing and resounding victory - it could even have been four.
Chorley are making a habit of belting out the Adele song “Someone Like You” after their FA Cup successes with Derby being their latest scalp. 
Back in the day the song of chose for Largs was “We are the Theesel, we come from the coast”, great memories.
My understanding is that the “Junior Cup” from last season is still planned to be played in May onwards, depending on virus situation / fan in attendance etc, I really hope it takes place and is a success. There is a great history in that cup.
In the “Big” Scottish Bonnyrigg Rose nearly held out against Dundee. Not that long ago Largs played and beat Bonnyrigg 3-1 in the Scottish Junior Cup.
It just shows you want can be done with a little ambition.
And speaking of ambition, all credit goes to Livingston who just can't stop winning matches at the moment.