'Summer football, who would have it?' asks sports columnist George Wall.

Well I would, it would be much better to watch or play football on a nice summer day at Barrfields rather than in rain and a howling wind blowing down from the hills above Largs, however where do we fit in a 9 or 10 month season in the best of weather? 
Start the season say in March takes you through to December, no matter when you start with the objective of playing in the summer month gives problems.
The biggest problem for me would be the cup finals and league play offs, you really want to finish the season with those and in the best of weather. 
So again when do you start the season if you want to end during the summer months. I would avoid time in December and January, yes we might have bad weather in February but I feel those months without football would benefit players and fans. 
Let the fans enjoy the holiday season and the build up to that. Players at the lower levels would enjoy that too. Let’s be honest not many part time players want to play in the days after Christmas or New Year. Possibly you could start in June have a month break over December and January allowing a finish in April if you use the summer months to play midweek. 
Would that be better than what we have today? 
Problems could be holiday time for players with young families working it in with the school holiday periods. I don’t think is a easy answer to this if summer football is what you want, maybe what we have and have had for over 100 years is really the best there is. 
For the Development League Under 20’s I would have that as summer football, totally summer, run it from May through September, let’s the fans have something to watch through the summer period, might help with revenue for clubs and allows younger players to develop their skills on better playing surfaces. 
I see there could be another club from North Ayrshire joining the WoSFL with Kilbride Thistle AFC saying they will apply. Great to see ambitious clubs but it really is a amateur set up they have at the moment, before any clubs get into the senior game they should have access to a minimum level of facilities. The Juniors moved to the pyramid system with the view of improving the game allowing amateur teams into the set up without a level of infrastructure is not going to do that . Fans also need to be considered, “public parks “ at our level should not be allowed .