The prospect of summer football and possibly extending the season to get games finished in the West of Scotland Football League could be a possibility.

Largs manager Stuart Davidson said he hopes the season can be completed if it is safe to do so.
He said: "Obviously we want to get the season finished and if the season had to be extended into the summer it could be a one-off.
"Doing it long term - summer football sounds good on paper but the way the weather is we know we can have bad weather at times even in the summer and it hasn't been uncommon to see postponements in August. The only issue would be when does the next season start if this season was to run on.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
"If the league wasn't to start till April with the midweek matches coming into play, it would be possible to get two to three games per week and I am sure the players would be happy and glad to get out and play.
"You could potentially extend the season by a month or two but you would not have that much of a break before starting the new season.
"We have missed so much football I think we would all be happy to keep on playing."
One of the other complications that the Thistle boss is dealing with is re-signing players for next season. Arnie said: "I think the squad we have built now - it is not in hurry to move anywhere - they know we are going places and improving all the time. It is difficult for all clubs at the moment to know the lay of the land with no income streams and we have got to hope that fans will be allowed back in soon."
A number of clubs decided not to play this season including Kilbirnie, Auchinleck and Glenafton, but Arnie pointed out: "If we hadn't played, we could potentially have lost the players and they would have been free to move on and given we had to start re-building the team in mid-2019 - that would have been a hard ask to do it all over again, and we would have been in limbo at this stage with no players.
"It is not easy to get the standard of player that we have at this club and we have encouraged players to see that Largs is a good place to come and play.
"Teams who play against us have been impressed with us and I like to think that we have built up a good work ethic and strong reputation for good football.
"Even the players who have left Largs over the years have left in good terms and have come back to play such as Kevin Struthers, Ross Lundy and more recently the evergreen Graham Muir who is still one of the fastest in the 5k runs behind Craig Forbes."
Asked about highlights from the season so far, Arnie pinpointed the 2-1 win at Kilwinning Rangers as one of the best.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
He said: "Kilwinning was really good and the result and performance was impressive from start to finish.
"Jack Haggerty's goal was a cracker, and from the start we got in their faces and frustrated them and obviously Kilwinning manager Chris Strainy was not too happy with the ref but I felt it was down to our boys and it was a great performance.
"We have a keen rivalry with Kilwinning - they have beaten us a couple of times and they have beaten us a few times by a few goals, but we have had our good wins too including the 5-0 victory in the Scottish Cup quarter finals."
Arnie says he hopes crowds can come back - and likened the Coronarvirus restrictions to a game of football.
He said: "It is like football in that you have two or three guys pressing but if the other three in midfield are not pulling their weight then it is not going to work. Vaccines are key but we need to pull in the same direction with the restrictions as a country or it is not going to work."
A bodyblow for the Largs Thistle U20s is that they have not been able to kick a competitive ball in earnest - and won't be re-starting this season.
Arnie said: "Ian Nixon is the U20s manager and I really feel for him as he has put so much hard work to build up a team.
"Three of these boys Sean McLeod, Jack Loudon and Andy Rutherford have done very well and featured for the Largs first team but a lot of hard work and progress Ian has made has been taken away.
"They were training up until a couple of months ago and did manage to play some friendlies. Ian put in a lot of hard work there and hopefully it can carry on and be re-started next season.
"The idea behind the U20s was to get them in training with ourselves and get them integrated so they get to know and see what it is like to be with the first team but unfortunately Covid put paid to that. Sean McLeod had quite a run of games for the first team while Jack and Andy also featured, so we have got to hope we can get back to better days with the vaccines coming."