Largs Thistle legend George Wall gives his thoughts on the controversial super league proposals

The European Super League did not seem to last long however is it gone entirely?
I can’t help feel there is more to come. Based on the amount of money quoted the clubs will not let go. 

I think we all know that football is no longer a working class game and “money is king” in the sport now. 
One of the reasons given for the league was that kids were no longer interested in or playing the game. 
Well at the top level bring down ticket prices, put the big games on free TV, have open days bringing kids into your club just do more and mean it. 
Oh and reduce replica kit prices, Scotland strip for a 9 year old, £50 and it’s only the strip. 
It has also been reported that Man Utd have offered their left back Luke Shaw a contract worth £190,000 per week, anyone think he is worth that, just crazy money. You could get Lewis Strapp from Morton and pay him 1% of that and you would not notice the difference in their play. Imagine if those big clubs reduced their playing squad by one and gave those wages to a deserving cause in their area, what a difference that would make. 
There is talk of sanctions against the clubs but is that the thing to do after the fans stood against the league however when you look at say Rangers and Wigan were they not punished for the acts of the owners. 

Fan ownership
Is fan ownership the way to go ? At the top level I don’t see that happening at the lower level the Morton supporters have went down that road and it will be really interesting to see how they manage that. 
I think the English Premier League really need to look at the money involved and how it looks to the average supporter, can more of that money not be spent in their community? In Scotland where the money is not readily available clubs need to look at the fans experience and make it better. The SFA and SPFL need to support the pyramid structure. With them still debating if there will be a play off with Brechin this season this it smacks of a “closed shop” . Although on another level is that not similar to the what the Super League were planning ? 
Again suggestions also of Rangers and Celtic moving to the English Premier. Regardless how Rangers and Celtic dominate here I would hate to see them go. They are Scottish teams and should play in Scotland . 
I think we would all miss the upsets when they get beat. The St Johnstone victory over Rangers after Zander Clark's dramatic 122nd minute intervention in extra-time is one of the most surprising moments in Scottish Cup history!
The big news for Largs Thistle 35’s is that Alan Shanks is signing for another season despite Ardeer making him a offer. 
The 35’s season is still on track to start on May 17th - and I can't wait to be back!