Sports columnist George Wall gives his view on the Euros final 

Well the Euros are over it went to Rome not home and on the night I thought the best team won it albeit on penalties.

I feel for Saka who missed the important penalty as I did that in 1991 against Dalry in a shoot out. I still remember clearly what I did wrong and can still see that ball going over the bar. Saka will never forget his miss either. 
I am glad England reached the final as it kept the buzz around the country. I think it showed once again that football can bring everyone together. How good would it be if Scotland could actually step up and do better. 
After building up Gareth Southgate so much it was sad to see the “expert” pundits starting to criticise him after the game. Football is still all about winning. 
Although the Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was named Man of the tournament for me it was Giorgio Chiellini, what a leader, what a player, what a character. 
The Golden Boot award went to Ronaldo - it was another award for him - he just never stops.