Wunderbar! It’s all about Scotland this week.

Surely now Scotland are heading to Germany for the Euros. When it mattered the result was there. Too often in the past Scotland have failed in key games, but not this time, with that very impressive performance in Cyprus on Friday night.

Five wins out of five is fantastic and I think Scotland must now be confident of getting two points from the remaining three games that would guarantee qualification regardless of results elsewhere.

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THE Scotland v England game on Tuesday got me thinking about my memories of those games. 

I was at the famous 1977 match at Wembley when Gordon McQueen scored with that header to put Scotland on the way to a famous win. With me having scored in a veterans game against England, I wonder - are we the only two ex Largs Thistle players who have scored against England? 

One other game I remember well is John Robertson putting away that penalty to give Scotland a 1-0 win in 1981 - another great occasion. Then you have the Euro 96 game where Gazza lifted it over The Goalie after McAllister missed the penalty. 

I was also at Hampden in 1968 - I was only nine years old but I remember there being 135,000 supporters at the game and being frightened trying to get out of the ground at the end of the game due size of that crowd. 

I also remember that game due to it being the first time I had seen Charlie Cooke playing. Charlie is my father's cousin and the talk was all about how he played. What a great player Charlie was.  If you get a chance to read his book, The Bonnie Prince, do it.

The SFA last week ran a competition where you selected your all time Scotland XI. My team was, Goram, McGrain, Robertson, Gough, Miller, Baxter, Johnstone, Souness Jordan, Dalglish, Cooper.  I think that team would do well against any opposition.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My mate Chris Millar, currently with Troon, announced his retirement from football last weekend.

What a career Chris has had - he played with Celtic as a youth, and went on to win league titles with Morton and won the Scottish Cup with St Johnstone.

Chris also turned out at Barrfields to play in the fund-raising game for John Hutchinson. Chris is one of football’s good guys and it was a honour when he invited me to his testimonial game at St Johnstone. I will be biting his ear to turn out for the 35s!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Finally, I have to echo the comments made by Thom Williamson of Largs First Responders in the News after the defibrillator at Barrfields was damaged.

Get your act together kids - that defib could save your life.