Largs Thistle legend George Wall writes for the News about football matters local, national and international.

That was a great result for Largs on Saturday, not an easy place to go to and I know Gartcairn fancied their chances.

Just a great result in the cup and great to see the promising Darryl Duffy scoring the winner. The pathway from Over 35’s to the first team seems to be working. Hope for me yet.

It’s Lochee United in the next round at home and they are flying high.  Second top of their league currently, played 16 games , 46 points and a goal difference of +72.


VAR again playing a part in the Celtic Champions League game. For me it was never an ordering off.

The referee, I feel, got it right with a yellow card and for VAR to get involved was definitely the wrong thing to do.

I have said it before VAR should be used for goal line technology and off the ball incidents only. Let the ref and his assistants do the rest.

If they get it wrong then so be it but I do think there needs to be more transparency with the decisions they make.

In tennis players are allowed three challenges per set is that an option for VAR in football? Should each team be allowed three challenges per game?

Interesting that a couple of managers - including Brendan Rodgers - would get rid of VAR.

Were Morton more knowledgeable than most when they were the only Scottish club that voted against it ?


What is it though with Celtic in the Champions League? No matter how good they claim to play they very rarely win.

I listened to John Hartson on the TV saying you can’t judge Celtic on the game against Atletico Madrid. Do you judge them on their 6-0 win against a poor Aberdeen team?

You’re judged on every game you play. Will Scottish teams ( Rangers and Celtic basically) ever make a challenge in the Champions League?

Never say never but it’s going to be very, very hard. Other teams in other leagues are just streets ahead of us.

The money from TV deals in Scotland is just so low in comparison to other countries.

It has been reported Scottish clubs can share up to £38m In England each Premiership club gets more than double what Scotland teams share. The money is making the difference.


We now turn our attentions to the national team with Scotland.

Although qualified for the Euro’s I still think results are important as we could make Pot 2 in the draw and let’s get off this run of defeats we are on.

The squad I guess is as expected with injuries effecting it though. I may have put Ben Doak into the squad, let’s see him at that level.

The hard bit is finding a combination up front that will score goals. So far Steve Clarke has been unable to do that. No criticism of Steve it just seems we don’t have the forward players.