The exciting US sport of pickleball is continuing to grow momentum in Largs with a new box league having started up for participants.

Gordon McKinstry helped set up pickleball sessions in the town at Inverclyde Sports Centre.

A WhatsApp community group for local pickleball enthusiasts now has 71 members, and the hunt is now on for new players of all standards and ages.

Gordon said: "We have had another great Monday session at Largs Academy. We had a total of 18 players, playing two hours of competitive pickleball, hard work, but great fun!"

On Monday, April 1 there will be a complete beginner session with a Pickleball Scotland Ambassador visiting. You can also book future sessions on Monday evenings.

For more details, and to book a place, go to

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America and is rapidly establishing a foothold in Scotland, with a number of ex-tennis players around the world, including Andre Agassi, Andi Roddick and Maria Sharapova, giving it a shot.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Pickleball fun - Gavin and Lesley MacLellanPickleball fun - Gavin and Lesley MacLellan (Image: Largs Pickleball)

The game uses elements of racket skills from tennis, squash, badminton, and table tennis.

The rules and scoring system also mean that pickleball is much more accessible for people of all ages, making the sport a fantastic family activity for everyone to enjoy.​

Games are usually played to 11 points, and you must win by two clear points.

The main strokes used include: underarm serve, underarm drop-shot (also called third-shot drop), volley, dink, lob, ground-stroke and smash.

You can find out more about Largs Pickleball at the 'Largs Pickleball - Pickle Balls in a Jar of Fun' group on Facebook.