Thirty years ago I wrote, with no hint of hyperbole: "Largs Thistle are the kings of Scottish Junior Football."

"As they were crowned with the OVD Scottish Cup at Ibrox Park on a May Sunday afternoon, it was a dream that came true, a fairytale that turned to reality, and a brand new version of the David and Goliath story.

"Grown men wept openly, with true emotion, as amazed wives and children laughed and smiled on the terracings of the Glasgow ground as the team did a lap of honour and came over to acknowledge the superb support they had been given by thousands of Largs and district folk."

Okay, I admit, as the football loving editor, I laid it on a trifle thick with my headline on a special eight-page souvenir edition with 'LARGS THISTLE, CHAMPIONS OF SCOTLAND'.  After all, we had waited a hundred years to come out on top of an historic competition which began with 180 clubs in the first round.

I had left early, with family in tow, from an editors' conference in Stirling to get to the Rangers ground for the Scottish Junior Cup final against hot favourites Glenafton Athletic from New Cumnock on Sunday, May 15, 1994.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: The celebrations at Ibrox Stadium continued long into the night when the Thistle players and management returned to Largs.The celebrations at Ibrox Stadium continued long into the night when the Thistle players and management returned to Largs. (Image: Newsquest)

A single goal from former Hibs winger Pat McCurdy was enough to capture the cup for our wee team, who were still in the Ayrshire Second Division at the time.

Never mind punching above our weight. It was a result of biblical proportions; David delivering a knock-out blow with his sling. Speaking of blows, unfortunately both team captains, Jimmy Murray of Largs and Glens' Alex Kennedy, were sent off, followed by another from each team.

However, the jubilation among the Thistle supporters at Ibrox Park was to pale into insignificance compared to the ecstatic reception awaiting the players in Largs itself as an open-topped bus paraded the famous old trophy through the streets.

I was among the biggest gathering in Gallowgate Square, where the more agile stood on top of the bus shelters, pillar boxes, telephone booths and balconies to get an eye level view of the historic proceedings. Diehard supporters like Pat Rall, who sadly died last year, and club secretary Taffy Dicks were VIPs on the top deck.

Hours later, it was left to the dedicated "I've started and I don't want to finish" brigade to have the pubs bulging and the streets still alive with cheerful, exultant and, yes, inebriated expressions and exchanges.

In a sort of mega conga trail, the players carried the silverware triumphantly from pub to pub.

I recall being in the late night company of former Labour MP Brian Wilson, now a Celtic director, at the official celebration in the Fiddlers Niteclub. A bank of TVs played a recording of the match to a backdrop of such music as 'Simply The Best.'

I'm told that at some point in the wee sma' hours, the trophy was left in some establishment to be recovered next morning. Hundreds were hung over on Monday, but looking forward to a repeat performance.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Pat McCurdy slots home the winning goal on that unforgettable May day 30 years ago.Pat McCurdy slots home the winning goal on that unforgettable May day 30 years ago. (Image: Newsquest)
In fact, Theesel have reached two more Scottish Cup finals since then, but there has yet to be a repeat of that memorable day - and night - 30 years ago, following narrow losses to Linlithgow Rose in 2010 and Auchinleck Talbot in 2019. However, don't rule them out of doing it again.

I was at one of the first games of that amazing season, at Beith, when Largs were hammered 10-0. Yes, you read that right. It was a result that manager Ossie Loudon and his assistant, and now walking footballer, Kenny Lynn to resign.

I'm sure that at that point, bookies would have offered odds of a million to one on Largs winning anything, and I have to boast that I ended up winning more than £500 by backing Thistle at 33/1 later in that season to win the cup! I'm half psychic...half psychotic.

Even the next manager after Ossie, former Rangers goalkeeper David McKellar, only stayed for a month. Then primary head teacher John Crawford took over, shaping and coaching the triumphant team. I still see John as he also plays in the walking football tournaments.

Fellow News columnist George Wall played in the final, and I would have included his comments, but he and many of the team of '94 are in Benidorm celebrating the anniversary. Aye, it matters that we remember the good things in life.

I was happy to chair the civic dinner 30 years ago, and as MC at the current team's Player of the Year awards at the weekend I noted nostalgically that hardly any of the 2024 players were even born when we won the cup. They could feature in the next fairytale.

Thought for the Week: Aim for the sky and you'll hit the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor. Aim for the sky.